Sabtu, 21 November 2009



The next morning ....
In Juminah room .... He was busy preparing the first day back to the list of Faculty of Medicine UI. Krekkkk! A voice startled him the door. Apparently Mrs. Djatmiko go to any room. At that time, new Juminah dressed in jeans and t-shirts. Kreketttt! The door was locked from the inside by Mrs. Djatmiko. For a moment he watched the surrounding atmosphere.

"Fri!" Snapped Mrs. Djatmiko suddenly.

"Eu ...," Juminah surprised.

"Sit down, you!" Mrs. Djatmiko snapped. Her eyes were furious. His breath rose and fell with anger.

"What, Mom?" Ask Juminah immediately sat on his bed.

"Mom? Enak aja! Call me Madam! I never went along with a host mother, "Mom Djatmiko Juminah chin tilted. His eyes stared straight with a very stern expression.

"Yes ma'am!" Juminah with frightened faces.

"Fri, you do not various!" Mrs. Djamtimo off hand which had looked up Juminah.

"You mean Lady?" Juminah down.

"I do not want to see you here! So I do not want to know, from now on you have to leave this house! "Said Mrs. Djatmiko. Said Mrs. Djatmiko, Juminah pushing the body to fell to the floor.

"I have to go madam?" Juminah frowned way, simply hold him to fall.

"Yes! And you can not tell my husband, my son, or anyone else for being including the family! "Sign Djatmiko Bu.

"What's ma'am?" Juminah tried to control himself. he even knew, would the arrival of Mrs. Djatmiko will clarify the decision-Pak Djatmiko, Juminah always profitable.

"You must eliminate your identity! Or I'll send a hit man to kill you and your mother! "Hissed Mrs. Djatmiko threatening.

"I?" This time Juminah really surprised and did not understand.

"You do not have to ask! You will not understand it now, though I explain it! The important follow all what I tell! "Mrs. Djatmiko speech with clear voice and sharp tone.

Juminah silent. Let alone the worst fate that would happen to him? Despite the fear and confusion immediately to him at the time, but eventually he was still trying to stay calm myself.

"Now, leave this place soon! In front, driver and a car will be waiting for you. The driver will take you to a place. If you come back here, or keep using your identity, I've hired a hit man and lived to send a password. With the pass, you and your mother's life would be gone forever! Got it? "Explained Mrs. Djatmiko asserted.
Juminah did not say anything. He came out following orders Djatmiko bu. There was no choice in the current reality. He had to follow orders if Mrs. Djatmiko not want to lose his life.

Sure enough a car and driver was waiting for him. Juminah enter into a Corrona car with red chili have number B8779I number. a driver high speed grim-faced, stocky and open the door for her. Juminah entered in the backseat. Once Juminah sitting, car left overnight gone, Pak Djatmiko yard.

The driver was George. He led syndicate executioners bisaa resolve dispute issues heavyweight corporate tenders. George is a mainstay accomplice Mrs. Djatmiko. Syndicate executioners originally under the control of Mrs. Djatmiko father. But because her father later died, then Mom Djatmiko in control of this plot.
In "FRESH CLINIC" ... ...

The time at 9:00 am on July 9, 2008 the date was .... Cars entering the parking area. George did not try to explain anything why Juminah brought to this place. So do not try to Juminah ask anything about him.

"Down!" George's reign as he went downstairs and locked the front door of the car. Juminah then got out of the car according to the instructions. Krekkkt! The back door is locked first cars by George.

"Follow me!" George walked into the area Fresh Clinic, a special hospital for plastic surgery in South Jakarta numbers. Juminah followeed. George followed Juminah into the elevator to the floor XII.
On the floor Fresh Clinic XII ...

"You wait here to stay!" Said George then went away Juminah alone. Juminah stunned. Various questions arise. But he could not ask anything. Especially George straight back into the elevator to leave alone.

Krekkkk! Suddenly the door from the living room right near where Juminah open. Juminah retreated somewhat surprised.

"Come," a woman dressed in a doctor and immediately pulled his hand into the room with a half-dragged himself. Juminah signed with body position almost fell down. Surprisingly again once inside the room, she immediately locked the back door of the room.

Juminah instant attention to women who wear clothes that doctor, as he tried to re-up with leg pain due to sprains. The doctor was trying to help Juminah to stand. Juminah body looked a little staggered. The doctor led him to sit on the couch that was there in the room.

"Ambar sit down," the doctor said as he opened the worn heels Juminah. Juminah still silent, feeling increasingly do not understand. Moreover, the doctor called, "Ambar". Maybe he was one of those? Juminah thought at that time.

"Ambar ....," The doctor said she was once again on Juminah as Juminah
to put a sprained foot, "You sprain? Forgive me, huh? I do not mean to hurt you!

"The doctor later tried to massage the feet Juminah. For a while Juminah still silent with various puzzles in his heart. For a few moments the doctor paused and kept trying incandesce part Juminah a sprained foot.

"How? Still sick? "Ask the doctor with interest. Juminah just shook his head.
"Why did you say anything, I'd say hello with the name 'Amber'?" Whispered the doctor as her body touch Juminah and put his face until his nose touched his nose Juminah.

"What is Ambar, doctor?" Juminah nervously aware of your body feel as if deliberately squeeze her body.

"Yes, now your name is the name Ambaratih. An appropriate name for a girl as beautiful as you, of course. How? Do you like your new name? "The doctor smiled.
"What? New name? "Juminah frowned.

"Yes, from now on you are not Juminah, Ambar," said the doctor with his breathing was starting up and down.

"Ambar, in life sometimes we do not have their own scenario. Sometimes the scenario is in the hands of others. Like you, Mrs. Djatmiko is the owner of that scenario until you actually leave your identity as Juminah, "

the doctor was breathing more and more ups and downs," Oke, Amber! I was the person who paid the amount of money does little to change your identity.

Starting from giving names will also change your face, "said the doctor softly and quietly followed the fingers began to play something on the chest Juminah. Juminah felt mixed feelings not understand. Between amusement, disgust, rumor, and made nervous.

"You mean a doctor?" Juminah trying to compose herself to master the situation and realize what really happened at that time.

"Amber ... I know you are very beautiful with a face that you have today .... But fate makes you had to do plastic surgery to your face changed and no longer a recognized ...., "The doctor said, bite his lip Juminah with great passion.

Juminah silent reactions do not do anything. He just felt the sweep of the doctor's tongue danced gently sucking mouth. Resignation that he had to do. Her fate is now in the hands of the doctor. Juminah thought as she made her body more relaxed.

"My facial plastic operation, doctor?" Juminah with flushed face began to kiss the doctor's release. "Is Mrs. Djatmiko told me to change the face of terrible or even want to be challenged?" Juminah started out cold sweat when the doctor understands the words.

"Amber ....," The doctor sighed, then she started to unbutton the shirt. To showed something behind her bra. Juminah hand led to massage two ripe fruit is.

"Calm down, in a covenant with Mrs. Djatmiko is that I have to remove yourself as Juminah that nobody in this world will recognize you again, including your mother or even Djatmiko own culture," the doctor began to attack in the bra section Juminah. Lips with a quick suck something behind the bra.

"Explain what the doctor ordered Mrs. Djatmiko with my face?" Said Juminah with more submissive body and relax.

"You do not have to fear so, Amber! I'm not going to hurt you with plastic surgery .... , "The doctor said, had Juminah sucking two ripe fruit is. Juminah still not done.

"Come on Ambergris ... ...," the doctor's breath struggling ...., "I am the surgeon who will handle you ... You have to serve me well if you do not want to be defective ....," Said the doctor who was a lesbian woman. Juminah he finally closed his eyes followed the doctor's ... .. He tried to surrender to whatever happens. Especially since Mrs. Djatmiko threat that threatened to kill his mother if he avoided the conversion process of this identity.

The doctor's fingers fondle attractively sensitive parts of the chest Juminah, a original virgin who had never touched a man. For the first time she began to feel the touch of a finger that into the chest through a protected Juminah bra .... When it Juminah feel very uncomfortable. He wanted to avoid. But he was helpless. Her body became weak immediately. Erratic pounding his chest holding the dilemma is not clear thoughts about these lesbian women. Yes, once again life is not given a choice. Life gave him no alternative. Followed, or he and his mother's death to be accepted?

"I love you, Amber. Even since the first sight my chest vibrate. I promise to make your face more beautiful after the operation later. And I'll make you my friend for ever ...., "The doctor drew his face closer. Again, her trembling lips slowly crushed Juminah lips. Juminah very frightened actually had to shut for the umpteenth time, let it all happen. Slowly Juminah guided and taught to satisfy the lust lesbinya. Body of doctor is more like a gush eels. While Juminah aka Ambaratih more relaxed slowly followed it besutan eels. No one can do other than surrender, and dissolve slowly and enjoy it.

"Ambar, I've made a sample for you face. Of course, based on the lines cheekbones, chin and others. This is a picture of your face after the surgery later. I did not make a total change, only I changed some parts of the nose, jaw, and temples. Well, the picture will be like this ...., "The doctor showed the woman's face samples that have been designed.

"My face will be made to face this kind of Western man, doctor?"

"From now on call me, Herlin ....," Said the woman's doctor gave his name as he lovingly kiss the lips Amber aka Juminah. Amber nodded.

"How? Are you ready to undergo plastic surgery stage? "Doctor Herlin Amber looked up in a whisper," I'm going to be your doctor special and your life will be your friend, amber .... Are you willing? "Whispered the doctor again Herlin not separated from his lovingly. Amber is only a gentle smile. A smile of resignation of all destiny. Herlin doctor could not see the smile Ambar, he immediately crush his lips. Amber is resigned to enjoy the kiss was even back. He was well aware that few doctors are disappointed Herlin, will bear fruit in the failure of her face plastic surgery. With that consideration, Amber tried to finish the lust of lesbian doctor with the play as perfect as possible .* .....TO BE CONTINUED!